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Contact Star Wilderness safaris, East Africa region with its diverse wildlife makes a perfect vacation destination. It is not a country but a region with 5 districts; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi with different traditions, languages, and customs.

East Africa is almost every photographer’s dream however remember to ask permission before photographing or filming the local residents.

You can freely take photos of the animals on a safari and the gorgeous sunsets, but avoid photographing locals without their permission.

Always use try to use tour companies that hire local tour guides and use local services for a truly authentic experience.

Feel free to buy crafts made by local artisans to directly support the communities. Avoid buying products made from threatened animal species or natural resources for security reasons.

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Our Popular and Discounted Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris Tour Packages

Star Wilderness safaris Tailor all kinds of Uganda Gorilla Safari Tour Packages to the top-rated safari tour gorilla destinations which are Bwindi Impenetrable Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Star Wilderness safaris Popular Gorilla Safaris to Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Forest National Park give our clients a great opportunity to go and have an unforgettable experience to track mountain gorillas in the top-rated Uganda gorilla safari destinations, these popular safaris include 3 days Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi impenetrable park, 4 days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Trekking safari tour and 5 days Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Safari Uganda Gorilla Tour

  1. 3 days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Safari
  2. 4 days Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris
  3. 4 days Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda Wildlife Tour to Queen Elizabeth park
  4. 3 days Murchison Falls Uganda Wildlife Safaris
  5. 3 days Kibale forest Uganda chimpanzee tracking tour
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