Best described as ‘The Garden of God’, Kitulo National Park is set suitably between the Poroto Mountains, Livingstone Rocky peaks and Kipengere Mountains. It is situated on the Southern side of Tanzania and it is also popular as the Serengeti of flowers the fact that its volcanic soils aid growth of montane grasslands, flowers such as aloes, irises, lilies, giant lobelias. This park was gazetted in 2005 and it occupies an area of 412.5sq.kms rising at an elevation of about 2600 meters. It is a remarkable safari park with stunning Kitulo plateau and like other parks in Tanzania, it is also run by Tanzania National Parks Authority.

Attractions in Kitulo National Park

  • Wildlife

Kitulo National Park offers refuge to distinct wildlife species including among other primates such as vervet monkeys, Kipunji monkeys, colobus monkeys, reedbucks, elands, butterflies, chameleons, lizards, waterbucks. It also hosts about 350 vascular plant species which include at least 45 distinct terrestrial orchids.

  • Bird species

The distinct bird species to sight on Tanzania birding safari in Kitulo National Park include among others the Kipengere see-eater, Njombe cisticolas, blue swallows, mountain marsh widow, Denham’s bustards, pallid harrier.

Tourist activities to do in Kitulo National Park

  • Birding 

Birding is one of the best safari activities which is carried out in Kitulo National Park. It lets you sight a variety of birdlife which makes this park an ideal birding tour destination including among others Kipengere see-eaters, Denham’s Bustards, cisticolas. For any plans to visit the park for birding, don’t forget to come along with your camera and a pair of binoculars.

  • Guided nature walks 

Guided nature walks in this park allow you to visit the Livingstone forested area and Lake Nyasa shorelines where you can have some relaxation plus lunch at Matema beach. On a nature walk, you have the opportunity to explore the park’s distinct plant species and wildlife.

  • Mountain climbing

A visit to Kitulo National Park also lets you embark on a day hike to the summit of Rungwe Mountain and have incredible sights of diverse primate species including colobus monkeys, Kipunji monkeys, vervet monkeys plus other wildlife like elands, reedbucks and exceptional view of the park itself.

  • Best time to visit Kitulo National Park

The dry months are considered to be the best to visit this park that is around May, June, July, August, September, and October. However, it is also possible to visit the park in December, January, and February. The dry season is perfect for visitors who are interested in hiking, mountain climbing adventures in Kitulo National Park. It is during this period that the park receives less rainfall and the trails or ground is kept relatively drier thus making it easier to hike/climb Mount Rungwe.

How to get to Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park is reachable by the road where you can drive from Dar-es-Salaam via Chimala route in the South then through Hamsini na Saba route which is 78kms to Matamba park gate where you will spend about 1 hour to get to Kitulo plateau.

Kitulo National Park

Bird Watching Safaris in Tanzania.

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