8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks] in 2021/22

This 8 days Tanzania Safari tour has been designed to give you more time in the Serengeti National Park and it includes the Ngorongoro conservation area and the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater, the Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park. This package was designed with people who are a wildlife enthusiast and have time to spend in the wild while attempting to keep they’re to a minimum.

These unforgettable 8 days Tanzania safari package will take you to the Lake Manyara National Park, one of Tanzania’s most dramatically located wildlife areas consisting of a shallow but huge soda lake located at the foot of the great rift valley’s western escarpment, the Serengeti National Park a massive wilderness of 14500 square km where every day brings a new landscape and new adventure, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Ngorongoro area featuring one of the highest concentration of game and arguably the densest population of predators and carnivores in Africa

From this perspective, you will witness an amazing spectacle of African wildlife and finally, the Tarangire National Park which once again features some of the greatest concentration of game in Tanzania second only to the Ngorongoro Crater but less crowded and unspoiled with a wild and unkempt beauty

Highlights of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari

Activities on this trip

  • Game drive
  • Nature walks
8 Days Tanzania Safari

Wildebeests Migration in Serengeti National Park

Detailed 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks] in 2021/22

Day 1: From Arusha to Lake Manyara

  • Travel time: 2 ½ hours
  • Distance: 130 km

Our guide driver will pick you up from Arusha to start your 8 days Tanzania safari and transfer you to lake Manyara National Park. He will brief you about the trip and day’s events.

You will then set off. You will arrive in time for lunch at the lodge and after lunch you head into the Lake Manyara National Park for an afternoon game drive.

The national park consists of a massive but shallow soda lake (covering two-third of the park). The park’s varied habitat attracts a wide variety of animals including one of the Africa’s largest concentration of elephants, the rare tree climbing lions, as well as large flocks of flamingos attracted by the algae in the lake

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp
  • Manyara Serena Lodge
  • Gibb’s farm
  • Manyara Tree Lodge
  • Meal plan: lunch and dinner

Day 2 of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]:  Lake Manyara National Parkand Transfer to Serengeti Plains

  • Travel time: 6 hours
  • Distance: 205 km

After an early morning breakfast, your guide driver will be there to pick you up to Serengeti National Park via this beautiful high lying farmland of Karatu and the Ngorongoro Conservation area later descending into the heart of wild Africa the Serengeti National Park.

You head to the central park area known as the Seronera area which is one of the richest wildlife habitats in the park.

You arrive in time for lunch and enjoy an afternoon, the right time for lunch and later enjoy an afternoon game drive in the Serengeti National Park. Later dinner and overnight in the Seronera area

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Pumzika Serengeti Camps
  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge
  • Chaka Camps
  • Four Seasons Serengeti
  • Meal plan: full board

Day 3 of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]: Serengeti Plains

Optional on request; you can do hot air balloon over the Serengeti plains (available at a supplementary cost and pre-arrangement).

Floating silently above the awakening bush while viewing wildlife and enjoying the amazing scenery of Tanzania

After an early breakfast, you will do a full game drive with the lunch at the lodge. You will follow the Kopjes Circuit, which goes anti-clockwise around the Maasai Kopjes and usually attracts a number of lions and some formidably large cobras.

Kopjes are weathered granite outcrops scattered around the plains of which are miniature ecosystems providing shade and drinking water in pools left in the rock after the rains. This attracts wildlife and lions which like to lie in wait for animals coming to drink

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Pumzika Serengeti Camps
  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge
  • Chaka Camps
  • Four Seasons Serengeti
  • Meal plan: full board

Day 4: Serengeti Plains   

After breakfast you enjoy full day game drive with lunch at the lodge along the Sogore River Circuit which loops into the plains south of the Seronera river and which is good for lions, Thomson gazelle, topi, ostrich and cheetah sightings.

The visitor’s Centre not far from the Serengeti seronera lodge and public campsites is well worth a visit after the morning drive.

This nicely designed Centre offers some interesting wildlife displays as well as a gift selling information leaflets and maps of the area.

You will enjoy a relaxed lunch Centre in the shade of the giant acacia trees. Later you go back to your lodge for dinner and accommodation.

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Pumzika Serengeti Camps
  • Serengeti Sopa Lodge
  • Chaka Camps
  • Four Seasons Serengeti
  • Meal plan: full board

Day 5 of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]: Serengeti Plains Transfer to Ngorongoro Crater

  • Travel time: 4 hours
  • Distance: 145 Km

After breakfast at the lodge your guide drive will take you and depart for Ngorongoro Conservation area. Your stopover at Olduval Gorge which boasts of a history dating back to the dawn of time.

It was here, that the anthropologists Drs. Lois and Mary Leakey discovered the skulls of the ‘Nutcracker man’ and ‘handy man’, both very significant links in chain of human evolution.

You will arrive on time for lunch and spend the afternoon leisure. You will have a whole afternoon to relax and the lodge.

You may opt to walk around or go for swimming as you plan for tomorrow’s activity. Later you will have dinner and overnight

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Rhino Lodge
  • Serena Ngorongoro
  • Sanctuary Ngorongoro camp
  • The highlands

Day 6 of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]: Ngorongoro Crater

Am sure you had a good time to relax last afternoon. After breakfast, your guide driver will come for you. You will descend 600m into this magnificent crater for a full day game drive.

The Ngorongoro crater is of the most densely crowded African wildlife areas in the world and is home to an estimated 30,000 animals including some of Tanzania’s last remaining black rhino.

Supported by a year round water supply fodder, the Ngorongoro National Park supports a vast variety of animals which include herds of wildebeests, zebra, buffalo, eland, warthog, hippos, and giant African elephants.

Another big draw card to this picturesque national park is the huge population of predators, which include lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, and ever elusive leopard.

You then break for lunch at the crater and return for the afternoon game drive. You will brake for the day in the evening and return to your lodge to freshen and have dinner and overnight later

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Rhino Lodge
  • Serena Ngorongoro
  • Sanctuary Ngorongoro camp
  • The highlands
  • Ngorongoro serena safari lodge
  • Neptune Ngorongoro luxury camp
  • Ngorongoro wildlife lodge
  • And beyond Ngorongoro crater lodge

Day 7: Ngorongoro and Transfer to Tarangire National Park

  • Travel time: 3 ½ hours
  • Distance: 155 Km

Early in the morning after breakfast, you will depart for the Tarangire National Park. The park runs along the line of the Tarangire River and is mainly made up of low-lying hills on the great Rift valley floor.

Its natural vegetation consists mainly of acacia woodland and giant African baobab trees with huge swamp areas in the south. Both the rivers and swamps attract wild animals during the dry season.

The Tarangire National Park is known to have some of the largest elephant herds in Africa not forgetting its home to three rare species of animals i.e., greater Kudu, the fringed-eared oryx and few Ashy starlings.

You will have lunch. after lunch you will have an afternoon game drive. Later you head back to the lodge to freshen up and then have dinner and overnight

Recommended Accommodation:

  • Mbali Mbali Tarangire River Camp
  • Tarangire kuro treetops lodge
  • Tarangire simba Lodge
  • Lemala mpingo ridge lodge
  • Meal plan: full board

Day 8 of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]: Tarangire National Park and Transfer Back to Arusha

  • Travel time: 2 hours
  • Distance: 120 km

You will wake up at your own time because there is no pressure, you will have a game drive in the Tarangire National Park, followed by a relaxed breakfast at the lodge.

Then you will check out, then transfer back to Arusha and upon arrival in Arusha, you will have lunch and mark the end of your Tanzania safari adventure

  • Meal Plan: breakfast and lunch

End of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]

8 Days Tanzania Safari

Adventure the best Tanzania National Parks

Background Information of the 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a 1,100 square mile park located in Tanzania, in Africa. The park is named after the Tarangire River, the only source of water for the wildlife in the region during the dry season.

The park is home to very diverse vegetation, unlike any others in the northern safari destination, Tarangire national park contains a very large wildlife concentration, including the largest species of Africa’s animals and hundreds of bird species.

The park was established in 1970 and is the most famous for its large diversity of wildlife, vegetation, birds, tree-climbing lions, and baobab trees

Facts About Tarangire National Park

  1. Tarangire National Park is Tanzania’s sixth-largest of its national parks
  2. There are more breeding species of birds’ species found in Tarangire National Park than anywhere else on the planet
  3. The Tarangire River flows through the park and becomes the only water source for thousands of migrating animals in the dry season
  4. Baobab trees, common in Tarangire National Park, can grow to have trunks reaching more than 100 feet in circumference. One of these trees was once found that proved to be 1275 years old, although not in this park
  5. Tree-climbing lions are common in Tarangire National Par. They frequently hide in the branches of sausage trees. Leopards and pythons are also common in the branches of the sausage tree and other trees species in the park
  6. Termite mounds are often seen in the park. Dwarf mongooses make use of the termite mounds once termites have abandoned them
  7. Wildlife found in this park include; lions, leopards, cheetahs, various primates, ostrich, flamingoes, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebra, gazelles, buffaloes, wildebeests, pythons, hartebeests, eland, and impalas
  8. The best time to visit Tarangire national park for viewing animals is between June and October when large herds are migrating into the park, and the vegetation has thinned out. This is also the dry season in Tarangire national park
  9. From November to May many of the animals that migrated to Tarangire national park during the dry season leave again and its not the best time to visit
  10. There are an estimated 700 lions living in Tarangire national park they are one of the more commonly sighted animals
  11. The Tarangire national park is believed to have the largest elephant concentration in the world. After Serengeti national park has the second largest wildlife concentration in Tanzania
  12. Elephants herds in Tarangire national park often reach 300 or higher in terms of population numbers
  13. A white giraffe was spotted in Tarangire national park in 2015. The white color is due to leucism- partial loss of pigmentation

Lake Manyara National Park – 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]

  • Lake Manyara

This is a protected area in Tanzania’s Arusha and Manyara regions. Situated between Lake Manyara and Great Rift Valley.

It is administered by the Tanzanian National Park Authority., and covers areas of 322 km (125 sq. mi) including about 230 km (89 sq. mi) lake surface.

More than 350 bird species have been observed on this lake. Since 1920, the Lake Manyara area was used for sports hunting. In 195, a game reserve was established.

In 1960, it was given a National Park status and in 1974 about 550 ha (1,400 acres) were added to the southern end.

The majority of the land area of the park a narrow strip running between the Gregory Rift wall to the west and Lake Manyara, an alkaline lake

8 Days Tanzania Safari

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

  • The Crater

The Ngorongoro crater (260km2) is the most densely populated area in the world. There are an estimated 25,000 animals on the crater floor including the big five.

The rim of the crater is about 600 meters above the crater floor in the middle of which is Salt Lake.

At night herds of zebras and elephants climb the edge of the crater and in day time the Maasai herds their cows and goats down into the crater allowing them to graze on the green crater floor.

  • Olduvai Gorge

Running 45 kilometers along the rift valley between Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, this gorge is named after the Maasai word for the wild sisal plant.

Often referred to as “the cradle of humankind” East Africa is one of the most important anthropological areas in the world.

Louis and Mary Leakey began searching for evidence of early humans in the 1950s, and in 1974 the well-preserved skeleton of Lucy’ was discovered and has since retained the fame as the oldest human ever found

The Serengeti National Park – 8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks]

This is a Tanzanian National Park in the Serengeti ecosystem in the Mara and Simiyu regions. It’s famous and well known for its annual migration of 1.5 million white-bearded (brindled) wildebeests and 250,000 zebras and for its numerous Nile Crocodile and honey badger.

That migration is the largest remaining unaltered animal migration. It contains 1.5 million ha of savannah. The park is the centerpiece of the Serengeti ecosystem and twice as large.

The park covers, 14,750 square kilometers (5,700 sq. mi) of grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest, and woodlands.

The park lies in northwestern Tanzania, bordered to the north by the Kenyan border, where it is continuous with Maasai Mara National Reserve.

To the southeast of the park is Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to the west are the Ikorongo and Grumeti Game Reserve, and to the northeast and east lies the Loliondo Game Control Area. Together, the areas form the larger Serengeti Ecosystem

8 Days Tanzania Safari Best [Tanzania National Parks] Inclusions

Safari includes:

  • Transportation in a tour van/Landcruiser
  • Service of an English -speaking tour guide/driver
  • All activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Park admissions
  • Accommodation on full board
  • Entrance fees to all destinations as per the program
  • Transfer to and from the airport

Safari exclusions

  • All activities not mentioned in the program
  • Phone calls bills
  • Tips
  • International transfers
  • Gratitude to tour guides
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal effects of any nature
  • Hotel fees before and after the safari

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